CrossKites Boarder – 2 line

Trainer kite

Learn how to kite

The Cross Boarder is a very affordable trainerkite, both for starting kitesurfers and for anyone else who enjoys the ease of controlling a kite with a bar. A bar makes kiting easier and offers new possibilities, like steering a kite using only one hand. You will not get enough of the Cross Boarder because the kite has a high turning speed and allows you to train your kiting skills. The Cross Boarder is Ready-2-Fly.

Boarder 1.5


Boarder 1.8


Boarder 2.1


Boarder 2.5



Boarder 1.5 2x 18m Lines Dyneema line 70 kp / 155 lb  €54,95
Boarder 1.8 2x 18m Lines Dyneema line 100 kp / 220 lb  €68,95
Boarder 2.1 2x 18m Lines Dyneema line 150 kp / 330 lb €89,95
Boarder 2.5 2x 18m Lines Dyneema line 150 kp / 330 lb €99,95

The CrossKites Boarder comes with a bag with a user manual, controlbar and lines.

Easy to control

Very stable

High turning speed

Download your manual here