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Cross Sonic - buggy racekite - Serious competitor

Have you always wanted to buggy at competition level but found a full quiver of racekites to be beyond your budget? Cross Kites fills this gap with the Sonic. A full blown racekite at an affordable price.


Overall build quality, construction techniques and finishing are at the same high level as in high end race kites; and the concept of the Sonic was directly derived from those kites. Also if it comes to performance, the Sonic is no doubt a serious competitor in the race segment. Due to a balanced choice of materials and construction it is possible to offer the Sonic at a very competitive price. The Sonic brings truly competitive buggy racing within reach of the smaller budget.

Cross Sonic:

• Four-line buggy racekite

• Kite only with manual and bag

• Size   3.0: Orange

• Size   3.5: Teal

• Size   4.0: Grey

• Size   5.0: Royal blue

• Size   6.0: Yellow

• Size   7.5: Green

• Size   9.0: Lime

• Size 11.0: Purple

• Size 13.0: Red




• High flying speed

• Fast and direct steering
• Smooth but fast power build up        

• Low lift

• Superb upwind performance

• Great stability


• Elliptical crash proof cross-vented profiles

• Spliced and stitched Dyneema bridles
• Webbing reinforced air-intakes

• Velcro dirt-outs

• D-ribs
• 40D Mirai ripstop nylon