CrossKites Rio – 2 line fun kite

Looking for some recreational fun that can be enjoyed by everyone? The CrossKites Rio might just be the perfect fit for you. This 2-line kite is ideal for beginners who are just getting started with kite flying. Rio is a durable single skin kite which is designed to take on even the lightest winds.

The CrossKites Rio's easy-to-steer design and exceptional stability makes it suitable for all ages.

Despite its simplicity, the Rio still presents a challenge for more experienced kite enthusiasts. Its high turning speed means that there's always room for improvement and new tricks to master. Plus, it comes Ready-2-Fly straight out of the box, so you can start having fun right away.

1.2 Rainbow | 2x 18m Lines (45 kg / 100lb) | 2-5 bft | 6+
1.5 Rainbow | 2x 18m Lines (70 kg / 150lb) | 2-5 bft | 8+
1.8 Rainbow | 2x 18m Lines (100 kg / 220lb) | 2-5 bft |10+
2.1 Rainbow | 2x 18m Lines (150 kg / 330lb) | 2-5 bft | 12+
2.5 Rainbow | 2x 18m Lines (150 kg / 330lb) | 2-5 bft | 14+

The CrossKites Rio comes with a bag, user manual , wrist straps and lines.

CrossKites Rio – 2 line fun kite
CrossKites Rio Manual

CrossKites Rio Manual

Thank you for buying a CrossKites kite. Please read this manual carefully, as it explains what you need to know before flying your kite for the first time. It is always safer to bring friends when you go kiting, especially if they have experience flying kites as well.

Download your manual here